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Moove Premium Dental

The Moove Premium is a mobile system connected to a mask specially designed for maxillofacial surgery. The vertical orientation of the chilled water circuit makes it possible to follow the lymphatic route.

The Peltier technology integrated in the console allows an automatic regulation of the water temperature. (No more ice cubes)

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Moove Ortho Premium

  • Color touch screen
  • Double navigation function by arrows
  • Operates on mains and batteries 5 hours
  • Automatic purging of the splint at the end of the treatment
  • New separate connectors for air and water
  • Safety sensors on pumps with display in case of high stress
  • Dental extension
  • The integrated Peltier system


  • Automatic regulation of water temperature patented Easy Cart system
  • 1 pre-established program + 10 free
  • Single-use mask or multi-purpose mask for cost optimization
  • Vertical orientation of the chilled water circuit to follow the path of the lymphatic circuit.
  • Operates on mains or on battery up to 5 hours of autonomy
  • Water supply connectivity with non-return valve.
  • Double navigation, touch screen and navigation arrow
  • Temperature of application possible from 10 ° C to 15 ° C allowing a reduction of treatment time


REDUCES the pain
BLOCK the inflammatory process
RESORTS oedemas
IMPROVES the comfort of patients post-operatively
PERMITS antalgic and anti-inflammatory action

Class II a cryotherapy medical device, LNE/GMED 0459

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