Cryoslim Equin

Thanks to its instantaneous effects (analgesic, anti-inflammatory, vasomotor and descontracturant), EASY CRYO effectively treats a large number of traumatological and rheumatological pathologies.

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Supplied with: A Cryo'diffuseur, a set of 3 nozzles, a contact head, a T15 bottle shell, a trolley, a high pressure connection, a 3.5 m high pressure extension, a charger, a gas contract with a duration of 3 years for 2 bottles T15, a guarantee of 2 years.


  • Cold production by relaxation of mediacal CO2 -78 ° C
  • Infra-red thermo-diagnostic sensor
  • Interchangeable nozzles and contact head
  • Controls and indications gathered on the diffuser
  • Rolling trolley for gas refills (11.25kg)
  • Extension of 3 meters 50

A diffuser is connected to a medical CO2 bottle. The production of pure, dry cold is simply effected by an action on its switch.

Equipped with a temperature sensor, EasyCryo allows you to locate the heat of the inflamed area and monitor the drop in temperature during the treatment.

This cryotherapy device adapts to any painful or inflammatory management.

 Easy to use, it allows you to stay focused on the horse's reactions during the treatment. Very manageable, it circulates easily on a difficult ground. The change of bottle is fast.


  • Cold production by relaxation of medical CO2.
  • Diffusion of a dry frieze at -78 ° C producing a cutaneous thermal shock.
  • Odorless operation.
  • Controls and indications gathered on the cryodiffuseur.


Projection of a perfectly dry, painless gas at -78 ° C at 50 bar pressure by a diffuser of micro crystals of carbo ice.

Usage tips

  • Care from 30 seconds to 1 minute 30.
  • 5 sessions for acute diseases.
  • 10 sessions for chronic diseases.


  • Pain.
  • Traumatology.
  • Rheumatology.
  • Vascular and lymphatic.


Analgesic effects

Immediate reduction of pain by slowing nerve conduction.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Intense cold blocks the inflammatory process.

Refexe effect

Contraction and slowing down of the vascular and lymphatic systems.
Drainage of edema.
Muscle relaxation

Decreased muscle tone.

Better range of motion
Resumption of the improved activity.


Patology: Tendons and ligaments

Treatment: 45-60 seconds per face - 3 days sessions - 3 days - Following the more intense prevention training, more difficult terrain.

Following: 2 sessions a day for 1 week if heat and persistent sensitivity.

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Indications: Acute trauma - Sprain, acute tandinitis, shock (shoulder, stifle)

Desired effect: Anti-inflammatory, Drainage.

Application: 25 seconds on the exquisite point, 20 seconds on device.

Frequency: 2 to 4 times / day - 2 days then 1 time / day - 2 days

Température- 78°C
Buses3 nozzles + 1 contact head
Dimensions120 x 28 x 28
Poids11 kg
Guarantee2 years
Batterie7,2 V - 1 A