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TWIN Ortho

ICE COMPRESSION Twin with 2 independant generators

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ICE COMPRESSION Twin with 2 independant generators

  • Colour touchscreen
  • Double arrow navigation feature
  • Automatic purge of splint after use
  • New seperate air/water inputs
  • Protective sensors on the pumps
  • 2 meter extension cord


  • Works with water, ice cubes or ice-trays
  • Automatic contol of water temperature - Easy Cart patented system
  • Touchscreen, 10 programs + 10 free ones
  • Static and dynamic compression
  • Dynamic pressotherapy function
  • Splint for each part of body
  • Possibility to repeat cycle with a break between two cyles
  • Possibilty of a two-phase protocol with static and dynamic compression

Effects : 

PROMOTES the vasoconstriction
REDUCES the bleeds
RESORBS edemas
ALLOWES faster patient exit (D and D+1)
ANTICIPATES the recovery of activity

Class II a cryotherapy medical device, LNE/GMED 0459

Guarantee2 years / 1 year accessories
Number of pragrams10 pre-study + 10 free
Equipment includedSplint knee / elbow + splint ankle + extension 2 meters
Empty weight 6 Kg
Weight filled with water 10 kg
Dimensions327 H x 478 l x 405 W
Water circulationContinuous or in steps of 5 s / 30 s
NavigationDouble navigation (tactile screen + navigation arrows)
Pressure in the splintConstant or dynamic with the possibility of setting the high and low pressure level as well as holding times from 0 to 75 mmHg from 5 to 60 seconds.
Water tankIndependent and can put in the freezer
AutonomyOperates on mains and / or on battery (5 hours)

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