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Moove Ortho

The MOOVE Ortho is a mobile device used in orthopedic surgery. It can be used  in the recovery room and also follow the patient to his room. He will escort him throughout his treatment.

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Ice compression MOOVE Ortho  is a modern device that combines cryotherapy and compression at the same time. This treatment method is used in orthopedic surgery and sports traumatology.

Recommendations : 3 to 12 hours of cryotherapy in clinic. For a better recovery, it is recommended to maintain the effects of the cold right out of the clinic.

Effects of compressive cryotherapy: 

BLOCK bleeding

REDUCES the pain

RESORBS edemas

IMPROVES drainage

The Method:

The Moove Ortho device helps to treat the above listed consequences of an orthopedic surgery.

Chilled water is sent into a splint (specific for each area of ​​the body). This cryotherapy can be combined with maintained or alternating air pressure, which will enhance all the benefits of this treatment and also limit medication intake.

Care protocols are integrated in the software and all their parameters are adjustable according to the patient needs.

Pre-set programs allow you to start the treatment very quickly. The water tank can also be placed in the freezer, enhancing the duration capacity of the cryotherapy up to 3 hours.

The MOOVE Ortho can be provided with an its optional cart.

Medial Cryotherapy Device Class II a, LNE / GMED 0459

Guarantee2 years
Number of pragrams10 pre-study + 10 free
Equipment includedSplint knee / elbow + extension 2 meters
Empty weight 2,5 kg
Weight filled with water 5 kg
Cryotherapy operating temperature1 °C to 40 °C
Dimensions290 H x 240 L x 390 W
Water circulationContinuous or in steps of 5 s / 30 s
NavigationDouble navigation (tactile screen + navigation arrows)
Pressure in the splintConstant or dynamic with the possibility of setting the high and low pressure level as well as holding times from 0 to 75 mmHg from 5 to 60 seconds.
Water tankIndependent and can put in the freezer
AutonomyOperates on mains and / or on battery (5 hours)

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