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Moove Rent

The Moove Rent provides support for the return and home care of patients.

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The Moove Rent model offers compressive cryotherapy, a recognized technique in orthopedic surgery. This therapy combines ice water cryotherapy and air compression to reduce pain by two, accelerate healing and offers a faster recovery of physical activity.

Our advantages:

  • 20 to 30 minutes care
  • Works with chilled water and / or ice cubes.
  • Use on mains and / or on battery (5 hours)
  • Machine washable splint cover

The effects :

1. Reduces pain

2. Blocks the inflammatory process

3. Resorbs oedemas

4. Accelerates healing

5. Anticipates the recovery of activity

Guarantee2 years / 1 year accessories
Equipment includedSplint knee / elbow + extension 2 meters
Empty weight 2,5 kg
Weight filled with water 5 kg
Cryotherapy operating temperature1 °C to 40 °C
Dimensions290 H x 240 L x 390 W
Water circulationContinuous or in steps of 5 s / 30 s
NavigationDouble navigation (tactile screen + navigation arrows)
Type of pressureconstante ou dynamique avec possibilité de régler le niveau de pression haute et de pression basse ainsi que des temps de maintien de 0 à 75 mmHg de 5 à 60 secondes.
Water tankIndependent and can put in the freezer
AutonomyOperates on mains and / or on battery (5 hours)

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