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Management of pain and recovery of mobility in only 6 sessions

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The Easyshock concept

While the normal tendon has a regular collagenic orientation, the pathological tendon shows in electron microscopy a disorganization of these collagenous fibers, separated by a surplus of fundamental substance. These same collagen fibers are for the most part individually damaged.

Goal Care : 

L'objectif est de réaliser un effet mécanique de type massage transversal profond afin d'évacuer le surplus de substance fondamentale, de séparer les fibres collagènes de mauvaise qualité et de stimuler une néocicatrisation collagènique.

The objective is to achieve a mechanical effect such as deep transverse massage in order evacuate the surplus of fundamental substance, to separate poor quality collagen fibers and to stimulate collagen neocicatrisation.

The effects :

• Increased metabolism: the chemical environment of the cells is modified, the improved microcirculation thus promoting the fight against inflammation.

• Revascularization: Repeated shock waves create revascularization in the affected area by which the new blood supply promotes tissue healing and regeneration.

• Decreased pain : the patient feels an attenuation of pain. Intense pulses from the transducer to the tissues create strong activation of A-B fibers, affecting inter-neurons and inhibiting pain signal transmission. 

• Decrease muscle tone

The indications

• Calcaneal spine
• Plantar ease
• Patellar tendinopathy
• Anterior tibal syndrome
• Pain in the hip
• Pain in the groin
• Pain in the insertion of the hock
• Painful shoulder 
• Calcifications, jamming syndrome
• Epicondylite
• Achillodynie
• Chronic enthésopathies
• Trigger points
• Healing acute muscle tension
• Acute muscle spasms


• The patients on anticoagulant or with coagulation disorbers 
• The patients with complex regional pain syndrome with RSD type. 

Others are rather contraindications of principle or a good sense : 

• Pregnancy
• Pacemaker,
• Tumor or local infection, wound
• Pulmonary or instestinal proximity
• Proximity of metallic material

The principe of shock waves with electromagnétic generator 

Thanks to this new generation of shockwaves, the easyshock delivers a longer of the applicator compared to machine equipped with an air compressor or with oil. The larger mass of pthe projectile will generate optium energy up to 5 bar. This mechanical energy generator will amke the top of the impact less and the care will be lengthened ensuring comfort of care. 

This technical allow a best longevity of the wear elements of the handpiece which is thus guaranteed up to 2 milion shocks. 

Benefit from a compact tool, equipped with a color touch screen with 25 integrated protocols, several applicators, an ergonomic handpiece with an aluminum casing.

Usage Tips

A shock wave treatment is delivered between 3 and 5 minutes on average. Stretching maneuvers will be practiced by the therapist. Nevertheless, there are techniques that are essential for overall care and optimization of results. Some report an increase in pain during and after the session sometimes associated with edema

The use of cryotherapy simultaneously during the same therapeutic session avoids edema.
Moreover, it makes the manipulation session more effective with a near-immediate muscular relaxation and
fewer side effects.

The anti-inflammatory effect is almost similar to what could be achieved with infiltration 
corticosteroids, without the inconvenience.
The use in the immediate aftermath of cryotherapy also allows significant local vasodilatation,
including the venous and lymphatic system, drains the various debris made by the radial shock waves.
To sum up, the goals of the simultaneous combination of these two therapies are to unravel the rope
pathological tendon and facilitate the rapid evacuation of collagenous debris and the surplus of the substance

The venous current of the booster

Its endorphinic frequency will reinforce the analgesic effect of the treatment and the patient will not experience a pain peak several hours after the treatment. The revival of all exchanges by stimulation of the venous and lymphatic system will promote the evacuation of debris from the session. Toning the venous walls also speeds up the healing process.
Finally, its myo-relaxing frequency will relax the treated area and promote recovery.

In conclusion

An associated thermal shock turns out to be a perfectly appropriate technique for optimizing results and accelerating effects. The venous current will be the undisputed complementary ally.

Its powerful draining effect as well as its support for the normalization of the exchanges will result in a balance of the pressures necessary to a comfortable resumption of activity even if the results will be objectified until the sixth week.

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