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Moove Sport

The MOOVE Sport is a mobile system designed for individual sport cares.

It follows the athlete during his preparation, helps  on some injuries and pains, and speeds the return to sport !.

It is delivered with a combined knee/elbow splint.

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This famous therapy combining ice water cryotherapy and air compression reduces pain,  accelerates healing and offers a faster recovery to physical activity.

The MOOVE Sport will optimize your return on the sport field. It will be an essential aid to your sporting deadlines and will actively participate to a faster recovery.

 The MOOVE Sport concerns the following indications:

 Trauma and pain - Muscle Relaxation -  Recovery - Heavy Legs etc ...

 Chilled water passes through the splint, in combination with continuous or alternating air pressure so that the skin temperature goes from 30 ° C to 6 ° C on average, which will relieve the treated area, promote the range of motion, accelerate recovery, while limiting medical drugs intake.

Recommendations: 1 to 3 times a day for 30 minutes. For a better recovery, it is recommended to maintain the effects of cold right out of the clinic ???.

The MOOVE Sport qualities:

Performance: The MOOVE Sport offers maintained pressure with the objective of treating deep tissue and alternating pressure to promote recovery and allow drainage of muscle inflammation.

Eciency: The intense cold will immediately relieve and block the inflammatory process. This method  is used in muscle preparation to increase endurance and in recovery to drain toxins. 10 to 30 minutes of care be enough to relieve, revive exchanges, drain and relax the muscular area.

Simplicity : The ice water tank can also be cooled at freezer to extend the duration of use. The MOOVE Sport operates on mains power supply and on battery too (5 hours)

Mobility : It can be provide with a transport bag. 

Class II a cryotherapy medical device, LNE/GMED 0459

Guarantee2 years on device / 1 year on accessories
Number of pragrams1 program with all of its editable parameters.
Equipment includedSplint knee / elbow + extension 2 meters
Empty weight2,5 kg
Weight filled with water 5 kg
Cryotherapy operating temperature0° to 10 °C
Dimensions290 H x 240 l x 390 W
Water circulationContinuous or in steps of 5 s / 30 s
NavigationControl panel: (touch screen + navigation arrows)
Automatic regulation of the water flowAutomatic water temperature regulation mode (patent pending) AUTO FUNCTION: comfort of the patient on insertion pathologies.
Type of pressureConstant or dynamic with the possibility of setting the high and low pressure level as well as holding times from 0 to 75 mmHg from 5 to 60 seconds.
Water tankIndependent and mobile, can be put in the freezer for a longer cryotherapy (up to 3 hours)
AutonomyOperates on 220V / 110 V / and / or on battery (5 hours)

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