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Since the end of 2009, MKS PARIS has been a structure specializing in localized cryotherapy.


Following the takeover of the company Novantis France in December 2009, which designed and marketed a gas cryotherapy product, the activity of our structure has developed in the field of refrigeration.


We produce the EasyCryo range and market in our name and our brands EasyAir forced air cryotherapy products since 2011 and ice compression since 2014.


We therefore offer the possibility of using gas, air or water cold in sports and general physiotherapy.


of intervention


Compressive cryotherapy is an adjuvant to the care protocol in outpatient surgery.

The IceCompression range offers specific programs for this purpose.


Sport, rehabilitation

The use of 3 types of cold (Air, Water, Gas) allows to propose different solutions that adapt to all the expectations of sports professionals.


Applied with the icecompression cryotherapy, a special mask has been designed to meet both the expectations of the professionals and the patients.


The mobile gaseous cryotherapy is the fastest pain treatment method. Enjoy a thermal shock thanks to the EAsyCryoSlim.



M. Cervilla & Mme Beldame acquire the company Novantis France

Release of the compressive water cryotherapy range

EasyShock shock wave output + new Cryopress ® Sleeves

Release of the metal CryoSlim and its carbon diffuser for gas cryotherapy

Release of the second generation of the EasyAir Force; air cryotherapy

The Cryopress® system awarded the 1st prize for innovation at the Rééduca trade fair

Release of the EaysAir.
Forced air cryotherapy machine

Cryopress: patent filed for the invention of EasyAir sleeves

Creation of the IceCompression range, compressive water cryotherapy

Release of the Booster, venous stimulator and ideal complement to cryotherapy.

Invention of the CryoPress® arm and leg sleeves; EasyAir splints

Extension of the IceCompression range with the portable version.