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The first cryotherapy technique launched by EasyCryo, CryoSlim allows easier treatment on many pathologies from 30 seconds to 1 minute of treatment. The CryoSlim in addition to its aesthetics is designed for the comfort of the patient and the practitioner. A smart device for unparalleled effects thanks to thermal shock.



Recognized in orthopedic surgery, compressive cryotherapy is also recommended in functional rehabilitation and sports trauma.

The new IceCompression devices optimize the effects of ice water cryotherapy by combining pneumatic compression.

EasyCryo is the only manufacturer to offer 3 chilled water solutions:

• Water + Ice cubes

• Water container in the freezer

• Water regulated by Peltier technology



A consumable-free process developed by EasyCryo for intensive use. Treatments lasting 5 to 10 minutes on average.

The forced air cryotherapy system comes with many CryoPress® sleeves for different parts of the body.

Equipped with pre-established and configurable programs, EasyAir will adapt to all types of support.