Regulated cryotherapy machine


The Moove is a mobile system used in sports trauma and orthopedic surgery.
He is connected to the patient in the recovery room, follows him to his room and throughout his care.

Technical details :

Chilled water is sent to a splint (specific for each area of ​​the body).
Ice water can be combined with sustained or alternating pressure, which will accentuate all the benefits of the cold and limit drug intake.
A treatment protocol is integrated into the software and all the parameters are adjustable according to the treatment.
The pre-established programs allow the treatment to be started very quickly.

Use :

• Automatic water temperature regulation mode (patent pending) for better patient comfort on insertion pathologies
• Constant or dynamic with the possibility of adjusting the high and low pressure level
• Holding time from 0 to 75 mmHg from 5 to 60 seconds
• Independent water tank (can go in the freezer)

Indications :

• Edema
• Hematomas
• Recovery
• Sprains
• Tears
• Scarring
• Tendonitis
• Post-operative inflammation

Effects :

• Reduces pain
• Blocks the inflammatory process
• Resorbs edemas
• Improves patient comfort post-operatively
• Allows analgesic and anti-inflammatory action

Option :

Pedestal table : 545 €

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 390 × 240 × 290 mm

Accessories : 1 year, Machine : 2 years

Nombre de programmes

10 pre-established + 10 free

Système de refroidissement

Frozen water

Température fonctionnement

1 to 40 ° C

Autonomie du froid



Class II a cryotherapy medical device, LNE / GMED 0459

Capacité du réservoir

4.5 liters


• 1 Elbow Brace • 1 Knee Brace • 1 Extension of 2 meters