EasyAir Force

Pulsed air cryotherapy machine that allows intensive use for rheumatology and trauma care.


Equipped with programs and different nozzles, the machine will adapt to each application.
Lowering the skin temperature to 5 ° C in less than 30 seconds guarantees a very high quality analgesic effect in complete safety.

Use :

• A closed, maintenance-free refrigeration circuit which draws in ambient air, filters and cools it
• Without consumable
• Powerful up to 100 treatments per day

Effects :

• Analgesic : by reducing nerve conduction and the sensitivity of nociceptors
• Anti-inflammatory : thanks to the powerful vasoconstriction and the reduction of the release of chemical mediators
• Vasomotor : the powerful thermal shock creates an alternation of vasoconstriction and reflex vasodilation
• Decontracting : by reducing muscular hyper reflexivity

Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 390 × 680 × 645 mm

2 Years

Niveau d'air

9 air levels Up to 1000 L / min

Nombre de programmes

• 6 programs combining air level and treatment duration • 3 configurable and storable programs • 1 favorite program

Longueur du tuyau

180 cm