Equine Moove

Equine intermittent compressive cryotherapy machine


A compressive cryotherapy device that acts effectively on superficial and deep tissues. This technology combines cold with pressure for a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. Intermittent compression allows pumping and drainage of inflammation.
Portable, the CryoMoove will also optimize muscle preparation and recovery.

Principle :

Ice water and air are sent through the anatomical splints for the therapeutic cold to act locally. Pre-recorded programs will allow you to quickly start your treatments, other free programs will be customizable and adapted to the needs of your horses.

Advantages :

• 4.7L water tank with ice cubes or in the freezer or cold regulated by electric compressor
• Cold autonomy: 3 hours guaranteed
• Battery life: 5h
• Automatic bleeding of splints for better hygiene
• Supplied with a bifurcated extension for treatment on 2 limbs at the same time

Indications :

• Tendons and ligaments
• Traumatic arthritis
• Hematomas
• Myalgia
• Acute trauma
• Sprain, acute tendonitis, shock
• Chronic joint injuries
• Rheumatology: Trigger point

Effect :

• Reduces pain
• Blocks the inflammatory process
• Resorbs edemas
• Improves the comfort of horses post-operatively
• Allows analgesic and anti-inflammatory action

Option :

Pedestal table : 545 €

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 290 × 240 × 290 mm

Accessories : 1 year, Machine : 2 years

Nombre de programmes

10 pre-established + 10 free

Système de refroidissement

Frozen water

Température fonctionnement

0 to 10°C

Autonomie du froid

3hours, Continuously


Class II a cryotherapy medical device, LNE / GMED 0459

Capacité du réservoir

4.5 liters


• 1 Bag + 1 forked extension + 1 pair of Boulet-Jarret splints + 1 Battery