Moove | Rental

Portable water cryotherapy machine rental

The mask was provided to you by your doctor

The rental includes sending and returning the machine



The low face mask replaces cold compresses which do not allow temperature control and limit the benefits of cold on the analgesic side.
Our partnership with the largest French manufacturer of dental implants has enabled us to develop a technology that optimizes post-operative care and regulates the cold for pleasant, safe and effective care.
The mask works with a refrigerated and regulated water circuit which is sent by the machine in order to follow the path of the lymphatic circuit.

Our solution allows to work between 12 ° C and 14 ° C on the skin, which allows an optimal support for the treatment of the pain, the blocking of the inflammation, the drainage of the damaged cells and the acceleration of the healing.

Treatment protocol :

1. Connect the mask to the device extension and fill the tank with water
2. Filling of the mask with water cooled by the device
3. Pre-established program
4. Positioning of the mask on the patient with the start of the treatment

The Moove is a mobile system used in maxillofacial and plastic surgery.
He is connected to the patient in the recovery room, follows him to his room and throughout his care.

Technical details :

Chilled water is sent into the mask.
A treatment protocol is integrated into the software (72h) and all the parameters are adjustable according to the treatment.
The pre-established programs allow the treatment to be started very quickly.

Use :

• Automatic water temperature regulation mode (patent pending) for better patient comfort
• Independent water tank (can go in the freezer)

Indications :

• Dental implants
• Operation wisdom teeth
• Facial surgery
• Plastic surgery
• Lifting

Effects :

• Reduces pain
• Blocks the inflammatory process
• Resorbs edemas
• Improves patient comfort post-operatively
• Allows analgesic and anti-inflammatory action

Additional information

Dimensions 390 × 240 × 290 mm

2kg (Excluding console)


Accessories : 1 year, Machine : 2 years

Nombre de programmes

1 Program + 10 Free

Système de refroidissement

Frozen water, Peltier

Température fonctionnement

1 to 40 ° C, 8 to 15 ° C

Autonomie du froid

Unlimited by Peltier technology


Class II a cryotherapy medical device, LNE / GMED 0459

Capacité du réservoir

4.5 liters


• 1 carrying bag